About the Gallery

The Hurd La Rinconada Gallery sits on a knoll overlooking the Rio Ruidoso and faces north where the greenish copper patina of the roof is visible to approaching visitors. The two story gallery building is built in a “U” shape that collects sunshine in the winter and offers shelter from the spring winds. It is located on the southeast corner of the emerald polo field which gave rise to  “la Rinconada”, a Spanish word referring to that corner, and the many corners of the building.

Designed with two wings flanking a center pavilion showroom, the gallery features the 12/12 pitched roof style drawn from the early adobe structures in nearby Lincoln and Fort Stanton, where the Virginia origins of Civil War architecture are seen. The gallery is built with exposed, stabilized adobe which fits in with the traditional style. Designed by Michael Hurd, construction of the gallery began in 1985. By the end of 1986, the gallery opened to the public, showcasing the many works of the Hurd family.

Visit the gallery: Mon.-Sat. 9am-5pm